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Stacklabs Virtual labs

What is StackLabs

The ultimate platform for online hands-on labs.

Great library of hands-on labs

StackLabs is a service for creating and sharing virtual hands-on labs. You can browse existing labs or create your own and share them with anyone.

Platform for your internal educations

If you like StackLabs as a platform but you would rather have your own instance of it, in your own environment, contact us.

How it works

  • BUILD Complex infrastructure

    with simple Drag&Drop

    With our innovative tool you can create any infrastructure you want. And the best part is that you don't even need to know how to create virtual environment. Just drag&drop few computers and connect them together. StackLabs will do the rest.

  • Create labs, Teach and Evaluate

    Add instructions for your infrastructure and your lab is ready. With our tools for instructors you can then evaluate your trainers either with regular methods (check box, text filed) or by using assessment server.

  • Private or public

    You choose who can use your labs

    All your labs can be either available to everyone or shared with only a few people. That way you can have your company's internal materials on StackLabs and still accessible only by your colleges.


    StackLabs into your LMS

    For organisations that already use some sort of LMS system, we offer plugins, so that StackLabs functionality can be used directly from edX, moodle, or any other MOOC platform.

Virtual Labs

Coming this Winter: Great labs for Openstack.

Openstack Basics

Coming Soon!

Openstack Networks

Coming Soon!

Contact us if You want to try our Beta service today.

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